Welcome to the Pearl on the chain of the world.

Beyond Frontiers looks forward to welcoming travelers.

Sri Lanka, which hangs on the chain of the world like an exotic Pearl of greens and blues, interspersed with the colours of the rainbow in-between, is a land rich in beauty, grace, and history. Rich in both sea and land wild life, exotic fauna and flora, which are still being discovered. A people of beauty and grace, diverse ethnic groups with their charming smiles and humble and friendly ways are mostly found only in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, sixty five million odd square kilometers of one of the world most scenic locations.

This wonderful land is home to the big five, Leopard, Asian Elephant, Crocodile, Bear and Buffalo found in the jungles of our Land, and in the sea too the dolphins, blue whales, sharks, and many more exotic sear creatures. The airways are home to some exotic birds, like the blue Magpie, the red and blue faced Malkoha the exotic Ceylon jungle fowl, just to name a few of the 33 endemic birds of Sri Lanka not to mention the 492 bird species recorded in Sri Lanka

One could travel from diving into the beautiful Indian Ocean, to the cold and misty hills in just over five hours. Travel back in time and see the wonders of ancient Sri Lanka, the engineering work in building reservoirs and tanks, which was far advanced than the western world. Stand on top of a mountain in the center of the country and gaze the sea and the distance. The beauty of the hills and the valleys, are breathtaking.

Be a part of the spice trade by eating the exotic spicy food of the land. Mingle with the humble people of Sri Lanka, a land like no other, once known as Serendib (Dwelling-place-of Lions Island) a land of beauty and splendour.

A dream destination, where one's eyes can see Beyond Frontiers.